Lesbian Meditation Network

Lesbian Meditation network is for lesbians who meditate or want to learn to meditate.

All events on this website are run by Buddhists and some will explore meditation and Buddhism. However you don't have to be Buddhist to benefit from and enjoy them.

Some events will be held at urban Buddhist centres, others at retreat centres in the countryside and some will be at other venues. So far events have included day retreats, week long retreats, evening meditation classes, and ‘affinity groups’ for Buddhist lesbians and  talks and discussions on sexuality and spirituality. If you have an interest in linking up with like-minded lesbians come to an event. It would be great to meet you.

Brighton Dharma Dykes Pay Tribute to Sheila McWattie who died on February 15th 2015, much loved and much missed.



London retreat

San Francisco Dharma Dykes

Brighton meditation group